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We understand in todays market, all aspects of industry can be expensive, arduous, complicated and often times dangerous and demand our ultimate attention. Our extensive experience makes us knowledgeble in the unique electrical requirements of  the food service industry, electronic manufacturing, pulp/paper, mining operations, textile mills, automotive and continuous production lines. Make the right connection...

Parrish Electrical Service.

Though we travel abroad for much of our work, we are always committed to our local industries. Installing systems for; Keebler, Panasonic, Johns Manville/IIG Fiberglass, WestRock, Exide Technologies,  Vogue Cosmetics, AnkerPak, Kellogg's and many others. With our true north in the industrial sector, we harbor great pride in providing quality service at a competitive rate.

  • Over 35 years in the business
  • Multi-state Master Electrician Liscense
  • PLC & Machine Control Wiring
  • System Interfacing
  • Facility Access, Egress & Production Lighting
  • Power Distribution
  • WyFy systems
  • Fire & Security Applications
  • Arc Flash Certification
  • ISNetworld Member ID 400-189343


Machinery Relocation

One of our greatest attributes is the ability to electrically disconnect, prep for transit, re-install in new location as per customer specification, debug and bring back on line any piece of process equipment; conveyors, assembly lines, mixers, machine tool equipment, boilers, air compressors, line processes and the like. With our staff of seasoned electricians in this intracate process, we are able to make mobile our customer needs. Relocating entire facilities to new locations requires much attention to the tapestry of all electrical systems, something we are proficient with and are able to do so in the most cost effective way, and within stringent customer scheduling. From de-construction, to project commissioning we deliver a safe and quality service. We often merge with mechanical contractors who specialize in this process. Working hand in hand with industry specialists and providing a service unparalled in the business. 
Meet The Team
  1. Daniel S. Parrish / Owner
    Daniel S. Parrish / Owner
  2. Greg Riley / COO
    Greg Riley / COO
  3. Bill Harden / Project Manager / Estimator
    Bill Harden / Project Manager / Estimator
  4. Senior Estimator
    Senior Estimator
  1. Mason Parrish / Site Foreman
    Mason Parrish / Site Foreman
  2. T.J. Riley / Coordinator
    T.J. Riley / Coordinator
  3. Janet Carverly / Office Administrator
    Janet Carverly / Office Administrator
  4. John Farr / Thermal Imaging Specialist
    John Farr / Thermal Imaging Specialist