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We understand in todays market, all aspects of industry can be expensive, arduous, complicated and often times dangerous and demand our ultimate attention. Our extensive experience makes us knowledgeble in the unique electrical requirements of  the food service industry, electronic manufacturing, pulp/paper, mining operations, textile mills, automotive and continuous production lines. Make the right connection...

Parrish Electrical Service.



Parrish Electrical Service is proud of our seasoned project managers and electricians. Each has an extraordinary amount of specialized experience and knowledge. In addition, many of our field superintendants, formen, and electricians have been with the company for many years, some for decades. This longevity creates value for our customers, as well as contributing measurably to the quality of construction, and help make each project run fluidly.
Our project managers and field personnel have accumulated an extensive amont of specialized experience in plc control, power distribution, machine interfacing, lighting, and supplement electricals. Our skills have been developed under the strict requirements of these environments and industrial applications. Our quality of work, attention to detail, overall performance and coordinations skills are the direct result of our specialization in these areas.


We help our clients make the right decision because we know that constructing every electrical system requires making tough technical decisions. By being involved from conception, and working closely with facility engineering, we can focus our attention to optimizing systems. We understand in todays market that all aspects of the industry can be expensive, arduous, complicated and often times dangerous and demand our ultimate attention. We understand these intracacies, and apply all our efforts to the endeavor of the customer, while maintaining a safe and effective work place environment.


At Parrish Electrical Service Inc. safety is a critical value that is fundamental to our culture. Our safety initiative is at the top of the industry, and we accomplish this by making safety the main priority for each of our projects. It's doing everything we can to make sure our employees return to their families safely every night. These practices go hand in hand with our philosophy of never compromising safety for the sake of productivity. The result is exceptional safety performance, even in hazardous work environments, severe weather, and remote locations. Our dedication to safety is extremely valuable to us and our customers. Their operating costs go down and productivity goes up, and our people go home to their familes safely at the end of each day.
Who We Are
Locally owned and operated since its creation in 1989, Parrish Electrical Service, Inc. has become a leading competitor in industrial electrical applications, under the creator and owner, Daniel S. Parrish. Having over  35 years of hands-on industrial electrical experience, we guarantee service that meets or exceeds industry standards. Ranging from electrical installations, maintenance, repairs, demolitions, and everything in between. Parrish Electrical employees are dedicated to providing the greatest care to our customers. We have been fortunate to be sourced by diverse manufacturers over the years. With our "true north" in the industrial sector we have become partners in the Automotive, Aircraft, Food Service, Electronics, Textile, Mining, Pulp/Paper manufacturing and many others. Add  YOUR COMPANY to our list of loyal customers!